Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thanking the Lord for Grandmothers

Today was my day at work for the week.    Yep, things are slow.  Bills aren't getting paid, but at least the rent is in.   I've been a little over stressed because my work has dried up so much, that Annie spent the night with my mother last night. I needed to sleep, so as not to break down in tears when I arrived at work today.    Where would the world be without Grandmothers?  I tell you it would be a sad place.  A desperate place where mothers everywhere would start cutting their kids hair on their own and forgetting to change the diapers.  Instead, opting for the more fermented pee smell instead of the snugly fresh baby sent that all grandmothers love.   While there Annie insisted that Grandma push her really high on the swing "we got to see God and ask him come down."   Annie's excitement builds as the swing gets higher, pedaling her feet as though that will help her climb higher into the sky where God is.    My mother had the sense to ask her what she would say to God if he came down, "Play," a few swing later, "tickle him," then, "go in zebo" (a gazebo in the midle of grandma's back yard) followed by, "sit in chairs, see the ball, swing him and hold on and pedal his feet."  By this time the swing has gone as high as it can and Annie finally lets it die down and jumps off.  Throwing her arms in the air and yelling "COME DOWN GOD, PLAY!"   Her love and trust that God is there, is one of my favorite things about her.  I wish I didn't go through times of doubting and could just be more like Annie.  Truly believing that God listens, and that he plays. 

In an attempt to soften my guilt for not being there with her last night and today while I worked (missing Annie's talk about God), I told Annie we could go anywhere she wanted for dinner.  I thought she would pick Bread company, being that seems to be the only place that can make broccoli cheddar soup the way Annie likes it.    But instead, she chose "Nachoes moemoe" (Nacho Mama's)  I little more expansive than I had planned on for my guilt induced splurge, but I said O.K..   Had I only known what I was in for.  We get there, order what Annie wants and then while waiting for the food, she falls asleep!  Not just lightly nodding off, but more or less passes out.    Yep, I just spent three hours in a restaurant letting Annie nap while her food gets cold.  To say people were looking is an understatement.  People were gawking.  Who is the strange mother who lets her kid nap in a restaurant at 4pm?  I say take it when you can.  I haven't napped in 3+ years and believe me, I should.     It was another lonely dinner, only this time with onlookers whispering as they walked past.  One little girl actually come to the table to see if Annie was real or just a plastic doll.   Yes, Grandmothers are great, but I'm not sure bedtime is something they cherish, as they once did with their own children.


sonja said...

your mom told us about this last night and it just brought tears to my eyes! how absolutely precious and what an example!!!! you are blessed, maddie!!


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