Monday, April 20, 2009


       Annie and I went on a bike ride to the grocery store today.  It was VERY windy, but we made it.  Somehow no matter what direction I was headed it felt like I was going against the wind.   Annie kept yelling "close your eyes, mommy! it windy wind out here"  Don't try to explain to Annie why closing your eyes is a bad idea when riding a bike.  She will not listen to you. 
        About half way home Annie asks me, "mommy, what your bike name?"  I told her it didn't have a name, and of course her response is "Well, I name it for you."  She went through a long list of names (almost all Disney princesses).  Belle, Cinderella, Flounder, Snow White, Aurora, Sally, and then she said it, Mer-dade.  Merdade is how Annie says Mermaid, and everytime she  
says it I can't stop laughing.  Annie hears me laugh (oops) and then says "you like that name, mommy?"
"I like that name, but you can't laugh at her when you say it, you hurt her heart, you do that."  So Mer-dade it is. My nameless bike of 13 years now has a name.  

This picture is of Annie sitting on Mer-dade making her best fishy face.



Betsy said...

Hey Maddie! Your blog is great! Your daughter is adorable- I'm 28 too, have Ethan and Jack, and know how everything they say is so amazing, you just hope someone else can appreciate it! Can't imagine how hard it must be to do it on your own, but looks like you're doing an amazing job! Thanks for visiting me over at ethanandjack. Talk to you later.

Bailey Mohr said...

That bike is awesome!


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