Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thank you mom

No matter how old I get I will always need my mom.  I really do try to figure things out on my own, but the reality is, I will never not need her. Today, I called my mom in a panic.  My house needed to start looking like a home, or I was going to lose it.  I tried setting out books, a few photo's and some chickens, but it really didn't feel right.  I finally broke down and called my mom.  She show's up with a table cloth and two green vase's.  Within ten minutes she has the room looking like a real dining room, not a bedroom, not an empty room, a real dining room.   My mother has the ability to make anything look beautiful.  She took my books, her two vases, a few little odds and ends and made this construction zone look like a house. 


Anonymous said...

that's why some of us call her the SWAMI! she has an amazing gift, and i am so grateful not only for her friendship, which i don't know how i'd survive without, but for her willingness to bring her talents all the way to north carolina! love you maddie.. and love you swami gail!

rachel @ perfectly imperfect said...

she's pretty amazing! and i can't function without my mom, either- she orchestrated & produced our entire packing & moving fiasco. i'm 32 years old & can't pack a box without my mommy. ridiculous! : )


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