Thursday, March 10, 2011


So we started up with the cloth diapers.  I forgot how much laundry babies make.  Add not have having enough diaper inserts and I'm running to the basement constantly (please note in order to get to the basement you have to go outside). Evidently over the last four years I lost quite a few of them from Annie's diapering days.  I vaguely remember washing some with an ink pen and having to throw them out, but it was so long ago.  Today, in an effort to make my life easier I went out to Cotton Babies (the high end boutique of diapering gear), and bought more inserts.  I love this store, but I'm not a fan of the their locations, SO far away.  If going there doesn't make you consider at least for a minute that you want to cloth diaper your kids you aren't in the right store.  They have found a way to make cloth diapers appear hip and trendy.  With not only your choice of diaper systems, but a multitude of colors and fabrics.   It's hard to resist the temptation to buy all the bright colored diapers.  I use the boring white system with no bells and whistles, but I love this system.   I just have to remind myself of that before entering the store. It's easy and requires very little thought (I wouldn't want Elsie's diaper to clash with her shoes).  Mostly, I love not having to run to the store at some insanely inconvenient time to buy diapers with money I'd rather spend on something fun because I ran out of disposables.



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