Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Getting into the swing of having a baby is way harder than I thought it would be.  I forgot so much from when I had Annie and no two children are alike.  Trying to figure out little Elsie's schedule is impossible.  I'm pretty sure that the second she thinks I'm catching on she changes it up.  She doesn't eat or sleep in any sort of recognizable pattern, nor does she respond to me trying to give her one.
The worst part is that she has had this terrible diaper rash for a week.  I finally figured out that it was a yeast rash and not a regular run of the mill rash.  So now I have to spray her butt with diluted vinegar water and wait till it air dries before I can put a diaper on her.  Do you know how many times a baby pees in a day?  Not to mention her latest trick, poop right before mom is about to walk out the door with you.  I might as well not diaper her at all.  I should be one of those crazy moms who potty train their newborns (no offense, but how realistic is that anyways?).



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