Saturday, March 19, 2011

My mom and her AMAZING friends

Yes, this is a picture of our bedroom.  My Aunt Leslie is in town to visit, so her and my mom hatched a plan to come help me out with my bedroom disaster.  They even roped in our friend Debbie and little Maddie.  It was so wonderful to have people here just to hold Elsie so I could go paint and feel like we're moving forward with the house.  Texas and I might even have our own bedroom soon.  Just one more coat of trim paint and some caulk.  If you forgot what it looked like before just see the pictured below.


Marvin Mills said...

Nice to see the great transformation of your room! Your mom chose a good paint color for your room. My daughter requested a room makeover to me. By next week, we will work on it. With the help of my contractor, I was able to make a good home building plan for our garden, and a makeover plan for my daughter's room. We'll just place new wallpaper on her room's walls. By the way she chose a flower wallpaper design.


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