Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Late nights, baking and birthdays

So for my sister's birthday I made her a carrot cake, then I made her cupcakes, and that got me going in the kitchen.  I could bake all day every day if someone paid for the groceries.  The other day my mom asked me to bake a cake for her. I got to spend hours in the kitchen making her cake while she watched my girls.  It was wonderful.  I felt almost human.

  Then last night I got no sleep.  You'd think it was because of the baby, but it wasn't.   My loving husband moved his bedroom set into our newly finished bedroom (left in storage till now).  With it came his prized pillow top mattress, that he was so excited to sleep on again.  I will go on record now stating that it is the WORLD'S WORST mattress.  It's like trying to sleep on a marshmallow.  My back was aching within the first ten minutes, and then suddenly my husband snores like a wildebeest.  I'm not sure what a wildebeest is or if it's even real, but if it snores, I imagine it sounding like Texas.  I finally gave up and went downstairs (where you can still hear the snoring) to sleep on my rejected mattress which thankfully he didn't give away yet.  Now tonight it's Elsie keeping me up.  She's suddenly inconsolable and won't sleep unless you swing her in the Amby bed.  I'd link you to their website, but evidently they aren't making them anymore, safety recall issue.  Call me a bad parent, but recall or not, no one is taking this bed away from me.  It's like magic with a cranky baby.

As my last birthday present to my sister please go follow her blog.  I know pretty much everyone who reads this is already on her blog, but if there are a few who aren't it would mean the world to her.



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