Thursday, March 24, 2011


I'm sure you've all read of the infamous Aunt Leslie.  Well she was just in town for a visit that was entirely to short.  Rooms were painted, art was created, sleepovers were exhausting, gifts were abound and then in a flash she was gone.  The hardest part about Aunt Leslie's visit's is when she leaves.  Suddenly the magic is gone and life seems dull.  There is no such thing as a long enough visit from Aunt Leslie.  The girls were all so excited to see her and wanted to spend every minute with her.  Annie said that she will keep her Purple Sparkle kitty close to her when she misses her.  So purple sparkle kitty went to target and whole foods today.  Who know's where they'll go tomorrow.   Aunt Leslie we miss you all ready.


Anonymous said...

i have to admit, i have been home two days and have just now gotten on the computer! and to my surprise there was this lovely blog about my visit with my family in st. louis.. you can't know how much i love you all, and how wonderful you make me feel.. i miss you all so much.. it was a great trip.. some how i think my visits will never be long enough.. until june....


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