Friday, April 1, 2011

Thank you tree man.

I feel like I've been posting a lot of thank you's lately.  Mostly I'm just so greatful for all the help we've gotten lately.  Having a new baby, a new marriage, and a new house is a lot.   Our most recent issue was one we could no longer put off due to safety issues.

This monstrous tree was here when we bought our house.  Yes, the trunk is missing about 1/3 of it's base and it's hollow 1/4 of the way up the tree.  If you can convert all those fractions you are left with a tree that is top heavy and really unstable.   What's even more unstable is our budget, and we have spent endless hours trying to figure how to get this sucker down without smashing our house and/or our budget.  After realizing this was way out of our ability to tackle on our own, we started collecting bids.  Our first quote, $1000.00.  Our second quote, $1500.00. Then Tex's dad had a brilliant idea.  He sent a tree specialist out from Cedar hills to give us a quote.  WOW! $500.  At that price who could say no?  Thank you Mr. Frisch for the brilliant idea and Jeff Gore, of Branch Managers Tree Service.  If anyone around here needs a tree cut down, please give this guy a call.  He was incredibly nice, drove all the way out here for us and the best part is, he's fully insured! 

Branch Managers Tree Service LLC 
Jeff Gore, 314-974-6612



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