Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Church Mouse

Yes, our church has a mouse.  It sits at the office all day, and my daughter is infatuated with Murphy the church mouse.   When our church wonder woman, Mary, was planning a trip out of town Annie was overjoyed.   She volunteered to "mouse sit" while Mary was gone.  I think she got the idea from my mother who was constantly offering to watch peoples dogs when they go out of town, to fill the void left by not having a dog of her own.  Now that she has her own dog (thanks Greta) I wonder how much she'll be dog sitting.  Annie, I'm sorry if you have a mouse void, I'm not getting you one. 
Not to mention Banjo has been seriously neglected since Murphy showed up.

 Yes, that is my dog trying to look as pathetic as possible.  Unfortunately for him, Annie is clueless.  Don't worry Banjo, Murphy goes home tomorrow.



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