Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Long day

Today was rough. I spent a good portion of my morning just thinking over all the things I needed to get done.  Then I went through the calender to try and find time for it all.  Things weren't adding up.  The to do list was too long, the calender was too full and I was escaping to the kitchen in my head. After fighting the urge to hide in the kitchen for most of the morning, I succumbed. Texas ended up catching me in there copying recipes, and had to pry my fingers from my recipe binder.  At least I wasn't baking   Kicked out of the kitchen I floundered for what felt like forever.   Wasted a good hour trying to make my blog look better, instead I think I made it look worse.  Utterly frustrated, I put the screaming baby down for her nap and handed Texas the baby monitor.

I spent the remainder of my day gardening.  It wasn't really top in priority, but I wasn't baking, I didn't spend any money and the house needed it.   The biggest plus, gardening is like baking, it's easy to escape from my to do list.
I mixed herbs in with the hostas, not sure this is going to work out well, but I thought I would try.



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