Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 111

Not only was our house COVERED in wall paper, layers and layers of wallpaper, but each room came with it's own 70's era ceiling fan.  We were rockin' the basket weave fan blades like no bodies business.
 By day 111 Texas was fed up with the ceiling fan/light fixtures and took them all down.  He reconfigured one for our living room and it doesn't look to bad.  The rest are boxed up for goodwill.  After taking everything down he pulls this box out from the basement, a set of six boob lights.  I know they are cheap and easy to install, but I really don't like boob lights, they look like boobs!  After an hour of arguing I realize he had me corned. He already took down the old lights, the sun was eventually going to set and I can't hang light fixtures.  My husband had outsmarted me, and I can't believe I fell for it.  It never occurred to me to ask what he planned on putting up after he took everything down.  Enjoy your victory Tex, it won't happen again.  As a peace offering he took the one down in the dining room and hung my chandelier.



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