Sunday, April 24, 2011

Univited guests, Easter dresses and Carrot tops

 This morning was a three ring circus of activity involving me, two little girls and the adorable matching dresses you see here.  Wrestling them in, brushing hair and getting out the door to church was a logistical nightmare.  Texas was off ironing his underwear or something equally as useless, while I was left to create the cuteness you see above. 
After a series's of brunches and get togethers we rush home to prepare for our own event.  Dinner, with both sets of patents, no pressure right?  While in a mad rush to get the cake in the oven, the meat on the grill and the table set, Texas hears something in the floor boards.  He's convinced somethings in there.  I tell him we don't have time to deal with it and to get back to work, but he doesn't.  After trying to figure what it could be, Annie informs us it's a bird.  We look at her like she's nuts, I go back to the kitchen and Texas goes back to trying to figure out the mystery.  Sure enough, it's a bird stuck in our air ducts under the floor.  What you see above is my home made air duct bird trap.  We spent 30 minutes trying to lure/scare the bird into the trap and finally gave up.  Annie however does not.  She's runs outside, yanks a carrot up from the ground and tosses the carrot tops into the duct.  Sure enough, 5 minutes later she has lured the bird out and it's flying around my dining room smashing into everything.  Texas shoes the bird out and all is well.  Sorry, but the bird moved to fast to get a picture. Lesson of the day?  Listen to Annie. She is obviously much smarter than her parents.


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! can't believe how big elsie is getting.. you and tex have two beautiful little girls! love from the great state of n.c.


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