Monday, May 24, 2010

ready, Set, GO!

Annie found two baby toads when we went to go pick up Texas for the camping trip. 
We saw this as a good omen.
After putting the toads back in the yard, so they could get home for lunch, we hit the road.
there are no pictures of the camp site set up because Annie my photographer was fast asleep from the hour long drive.    Not to mention soon after she woke up we went for a walk, only to be met by a giant black snake (I did not like this, Annie wanted to say hi and give him a kiss).
The camp grounds came complete with a playground only a short walk from our site.   
Annie had a blast trying out the monkey bars with Texas.
Hanging out at the campsite with JJ and Emma Peel.   It was really great going camping with other families.  The kids had a blast together.
The fishing was exciting for about 2 minutes.  Then we saw a snake and left (yes, this makes snake number 2, Annie thought it was great).
Annie was quite skilled with the bat after learning how to hold it.   
She actually hit the ball several times.
The camping chair train, orchestrated by Sadie. 

Sadie has a knack for making up games and this lasted a really long time, giving all us adults some down time.  Thank you Sadie, your awesome.
Yes, the trip was an awesome success, and I definitely want to go again.
Maybe in the fall when its cool out.


Anonymous said...

email Mary pictures of all the kids peels olivers coaliers and annie to put on the community section of the bulletin board at church........the train one is so cute


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