Thursday, May 6, 2010

Long Day

We had a long day, Annie and I.  It started with me trying to get my morning chores done.  Water the garden (which takes 1 hour), feed the chickens, rotate the laundry and then make breakfast.  Three out the four got done.   I ate leftover fried chicken from my moms when I dropped off a hungry Annie in jammie's and ran out the door (it's true, I would not survive if it weren't for my mom).    Then I worked all day while Annie played.   All was great until I get done with work at 5:30, rush to my moms for Annie and realize I have two hours to feed, clean and dress my kid for bed. 
I thought I had it under control.   Yes, I'm exhausted from working all day, but I've got Annie bathing in the kitchen sink, leftovers heating up in the stove and Banjo outside Barking (his latest new trick).   Then Annie puts soap in her hair.  Not good.   She starts screaming that soap is getting in her eyes, and water is everywhere within minutes.   As I'm trying to handle this mini crisis, dinner burns.   Which cause huge tears to stream down Annie's face as she screams "but I wanted to eat that."  Not good getting worse, Annie refuses to eat anything else and can't stop crying because it 7:45 and she's melting from utter exhaustion.   Her capacity to be flexible has been exhausted from 9 hours of constant play and watching dinner go up in smoke.   All I wanted to do was cry at this point.  How in the matter of minutes had things gone from smooth sailing to crash and burn?   I blame the soap, and plan to go soap free with my crazy hippie sister now.



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