Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Camping Gear count down

This weekend Texas and I are taking Annie camping with some families from my church.    Four families all together, making it 12 kids and 8 adults.    I'm thinking it's going to be a little crazy, but totally worth it.    Since Annie and I have never been camping, Texas has been doing most the planning.   He even went as far as setting up the tent in the living room.    Annie was confused at first, but then she got really excited.  
Bringing Annie in to see the tent.

She thought the door was really cool, but had a little trouble climbing in.  
Inside she found a new rain jacket, a camping chair and a tiny little camping mug.    After examining all her gifts she runs out of the tent and comes back with her pink crown and immediately puts it on Tex's head and gives him a hug.    It was pretty cute.  Not sure what made her think a pink crown was what he needed, but it was cute.

I am super excited about this trip.   I have only been camping twice in my life and loved it.   I really hope Annie has a good time, and I really hope I don't forget anything.   Thankfully Texas was a boyscout growing up, and seems to know all about this stuff.   He spent an hour checking all the propane gear the other night outside in the rain, and has already compiled most the gear we need to pack in the car tomorrow night so we are ready to go Friday after work.



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