Saturday, May 8, 2010

Miss me

For the next few days I will not be posting because I am going to Florida to say goodbye to my Grandpa.   He is in the hospital and not doing well, but who knows.   I've always thought of this man as indestructible.    The saddest thing is that because I thought that, I put off going to see him and now feel terrible.   He is not the easiest man to get along with, but he has surprisingly been there for me when I needed someone the most.  I'm a little scared to walk into "family" territory, but it's worth it to get to say thank you for all he's done for me throughout my life (and by family I mean "Hostile").   Annie is sad about her "old" grandpa and I'm not sure she understands, but I'm hoping she will at least make him smile a little when he sees her.


Anonymous said...

I am so very glad you are there with your mom. Thanks for having her back.And Happy Mother's Day. You inspire me and challenge me to love children. You are a wonderfull mom. Sherri


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