Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A new friend

 Immediately after arriving home from camping Annie wanted her Gigi, she must of know somehow that waiting for her at Gigi's was her new best friend.   Oddly, Gigi and I were both clueless to the fact that the most docile (to the point of appearing dead) toad was about the cross paths with Annie.    It was love at first hop for miss Annie when she found the toad she lovingly named Merryl.   For two glorious days this little duet was inseparable.   To the point that yes, Merryl slept next to Annie in a little house made of grass, mud, worms and a Tupperware box.   Sorry mom, I know that must have been hard to have in your house.    Annie walked around for the two days holding Merryl as she did everything from swing on the swing set, dig in the sand box, to driving the toy car with a mysteriously missing steering wheel.    You should be happy to know that Merryl was set free and is now probably still hopping very far from my mothers back yard. 


Anonymous said...

Annie has proven that toads are great pets. THEY DON'T BARK! We have to find an aquarium at a garage sale so she can watch Merryl eat crickets.After the rain it should be a great day for a toad hunt.


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