Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Supermom (it's not me)

I'm not sure I can explain how I ended up standing in my mothers kitchen making avocado buns for 7 hours, but it reminded me of how hard it is to eat healthy and how frustrating life was when I couldn't eat what most people eat. For years I had to restrict what I ate (I still do to a certain extent)and suffered horrible reactions to anything I put in or on my body. It only recently got easier after I had Annie, and by easier I don't mean cured. I still have to be really careful and pull back every now and then. A friend of mine has recently embarked on the long journey of cleaning out her families diet (which is who I made the avocado buns for). A task I do not envy, but I am very impressed with her ability to stay afloat. It is near impossible to overhaul the diet of one person, add three kids, three different food allergy lists, and then the reality that you can never just pick up dinner again; life can get scary. I remember getting to the point of panic when I would be stuck somewhere with no food and I couldn't just run out and pick something up. Add to that a family who did not understand or support why I was changing my diet, and all I can say was it hurt. My friend Kim is doing an incredible thing for her kids. I am so glad that she has started sharing her journey on her blog, and that through her blog my mother and I were able to help her a little. Kim you are doing an Awesome job with an incredibly hard situation, and I really hope you have a lot of people supporting you because it's a lot harder than anyone one ever thinks it is. And it's even harder when the people around you don't understand. I will get faster at making these avocado buns (7 hours = 33 pieces, and some of them look a little wonky), and if you even need anything call me.


rachel @ perfectly imperfect said...

she's pretty amazing... and so are you. thanks for making time to help kim & her family heal their bodies!

Reality said...

I think you are an amazing person and very helpful. I could not imagine having food restrictions, but if I did, I would love to have someone like you that has expereince and the willingness to help in my life.

My quesion is: What is an Avocado Bun? Love avocado -- so just curious.

Kim Janous said...

I can't believe you spent 7 hours for us. Thank you so much! It has already been such a blessing. Thanks for all your help and for being such a listening and understanding friend.


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