Friday, February 19, 2010


"My mom is just so boring." WHAT!?! I love my little Annie, and the fact that she said this to my mom earlier today just makes me love her more. To say she has high expectations of what a mother should do is an understatement. I am not only supposed to throw her parties, play in the dirt and be her constant partner in crime, but I am also supposed to have unlimited energy 24/7.

Dear sweet Annie,

You kept mommy up all night last night and then I had to wake up and go to work in the morning. Please excuse my napping when I got home. It will not happen again.


P.S. it might be best if we don't call Gigi at 3 in the morning anymore.


Anonymous said...

Its okay to call gigi at anytime..... it only took 2 hrs for my heartrate to return to normal. by thr way where was banjo the wonder dog at 3am

Maddie said...

oh, he was sleeping.


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