Sunday, February 21, 2010

Little love sprouts.

I took Annie downstairs to see her first sprout from the soil blocks. It was an interesting conversation on the way down. We were talking about our week, when Annie suddenly says, "JJ is my prince."(We had just talked about playgroup, and Annie said she was sad that JJ wasn't there). As the conversation continues she tells me, "I had a dream about JJ." What was the dream about? "that I love him." So it's officail. Watch out all you JJ lovers, Annie has entered the race for JJ's heart.
Thankfully the sprout changed the subject for me; I really wasn't ready to talk about the birds and the bees with my three year old. She was overjoyed with excitement as she searched through the tray for the tiny sprout and it is tiny. So tiny that Annie almost didn't see it, but once she did, she started to jump up and down. Then insist upon a picture being taken of her with the sprout and her new Scooby Doo DVD. An odd combination, but those seem to be her two great passions at the moment. Well that and JJ.



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