Saturday, February 13, 2010

I am certifiable

Today was Annie's second annual Valentines day Party! I think I'm a little nuts to start a tradition like this. Even more nuts to insist on making everything myself. I totally get why parents do party's at Chucky Cheese and the transportation museum. They do it all. You don't have to clean, decorate, or prepare. You just go and enjoy. But honestly, I wouldn't enjoy it. I think a part of me loves the preparation. The crazy late nights, staying up till well past midnight making food coloring, rose cupcakes and decorating everything in pink. Best part? When everyone leaves and I'm sitting on the couch with my second White Russian as the after party of Annie, Sadie and Ruby are busy with Polly Pockets.
Red food coloring in the making.

Orange, purple, red and green food coloring finally finished. Thank you to little Maddie who spent three hours peeling blue berries, I love you!
My fridge filled to the brim with rose cupcakes. We made about 300 cupcakes by the the end of the night.

The cupcakes! Thank you YouTube for teaching me the art of icing roses!
End of party movie, we put on Scooby Doo in order to calm the chaos of 20+ sugar high kids.
Poppy, color coordinating her cookies and cupcakes.

Thank you
Mom for all your help. I couldn't have done it without you.
Annie's dad for pitching in and being a real life saver.
Little Maddie for a long night of sugar coated fun and chaos.
Peel boys for the beautiful Roses!
and all our wonderful friends for coming over.


Greta said...

You are awesome! Thanks for a wonderful party. I enjoyed bragging that you made your own food coloring!


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