Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lights, Plastic, Action

I dream of having a greenhouse. A big beautiful one made from old wooden frame windows of various shapes, sizes and colors. Perfectly placed in the yard with plants growing all around. Sadly that's not happening anytime soon, but thanks to a mysterious Home Depot gift card and a little saving, Annie and I made a small indoor greenhouse in the basement. It's not nearly as picturesque as the one in my head, but it will grow plants (I think).

Take two folding tables
Wrap in electric blanket and plastic drop clothes, and suspend lights.
Make sure to keep three year old away from hammer,
Test everything out, fill trays, and

It will take two weeks to find out how it's going, but I researched everything pretty randomly and pulled my info together to create the monstrosity that is now taking up 1/4 of my basement. Even down to the cheapest heating source for the table (I.E. the electric blanket we found on sale at Sears). Surprisingly this whole project has really helped me cope with the reality that spring is still pretty far off. I now have so much to plant before spring, I'm simply not ready.


Anonymous said...

Your mom thinks you are amazing. Annie is such a lucky girl to have such a curious and super smart mom. I love that you're my daughter.

rachel @ perfectly imperfect said...

i cut out pictures of beautiful potting sheds & greenhouses to make up for the fact that i could never justify money building one. i haven't started our seeds yet, but you're helping me get motivated! i'll have to copy your basement method as my greenhouse fairy hasn't arrived... : )


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