Sunday, January 17, 2010

girls go wild

Annie had a brilliant Idea today (after she had a melt down at church). She thought we should take the chickens for a walk. After explaining to her that we couldn't really take them for a walk down the street, but that we could let them out in the yard, she started getting ready. First came the Helmet. I'm not sure why, but she said she needed it. Then came the chicken boots. Now ready, we left Banjo in the house and went to play (sorry Banjo).

The girls were happy to eat the grass by the door, but weren't venturing very far.

Annie was more than eager to show them the way out. Ushering them away from the door to freedom.

They didn't really catch on.


Kathy Pomaville Pate said...

Hey fellow chicken lover. I thought you might be interested in my blog.


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