Friday, January 29, 2010

Road Trip

I had all day off work today to spend with Annie. The choices were... Stay home and clean, do laundry while avoiding the mess in my living room, or leave. We choose leave. Annie and I packed our bags for day of driving and hit the road. It was cold but totally worth it.

Step one: get snuggled up in the car for the ride
Step two: Drive to our first destination. Which happens to be a garden store called Worms Way out on North Warson. Annie had fun collecting the flowers that fell to the ground. We were half way through the store when Annie looks up and yelps (they have rubber bats hanging from the ceiling all over the store). After explaining to Annie that they were rubber she tell me, "I thought I was going to die mama."

Step three: Back in the car to drive some more. Next stop is Helen's Hen House. Annie is over joyed to see that the store is full of beautiful hand felted eggs, and plays with them the whole time I am shopping.
I buy a pile of beautiful wool felt and off we go. Annie gets a little to cozy in the back seat, and before I know it she's asleep. Our final destination is a restaurant in Grafton Il. The building used to house Elsah's Landing. A restaurant that my mother at some point in time had purchased my two favorite cook books from. It has since changed owner's and names, but they still make a few items from Elsah's cookbook.

Annie was really tired when we got there, but she perked up at the thought of food.After eating we drove around the little town of Elsah. Annie thought everything was "so cute and tiny." We got out and walked in the freezing cold, but it was well worth it. Annie and I found a great garden that I'm sure looks amazing in the summer. We were able to harvested a few seeds from some of the plants I recognized. We also found this very strange truck and a book store/ barber shop.

Annie is very excited to go back in the spring, and so am I. We had a fun road trip with no meltdowns and Banjo behaved himself at home.



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