Sunday, July 31, 2011


Texas and I worked our butts off this weekend.  Only to hit a wall today after a much anticipated trip to the hardware store.  We were so excited to buy our new pantry cabinets, bring them home and put them in.  Then we got them into our kitchen and I realized they didn't work.  It made the kitchen feel half it's size.  Texas took a lot longer to come around.  But after enough time had passed and he felt secure in bringing it up as though it was his idea, he's taking the pantries back and getting regular cabinets and counter top.

So here's where we are:
 Water line is in for ice maker.  Floor is kinda clean.
 Fridge moved over and ready to make ice!
cabinet installed above fridge.  Pantry's are going back.


Anonymous said...

If you move the doorway will they still feel to big? gigi

Maddie said...

they really are too big. They come almost to the fridge. We're going to try and move the doorway over and then have counter and cabinets all the way to the hall.


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