Thursday, July 21, 2011

House mess vs. people

I miss people. I miss my friends and getting to just hang out.  I think that would be my number one struggle since Texas and I took on this whole "Let's buy a house" thing.  What were we thinking?  I do love my house.  It's great when I get the chance to be here not scraping paint or figuring out what to do with too much stuff in a too small house.  Correction: how to get rid of my giant pile of stuff I don't need, so we fit in our perfectly sized house.  See?  It's a daily struggle.  Honestly I think I had this fantasy that when I got married I would have more time for friends and play dates with the kids.  Instead I work more, play a lot less, and need be way more intentional with my friends.
So last night I put my plan into action.  We invited a family from our church to dinner at our house.  Wow, was our house not ready, but thankfully my friend Amy and her super awesome husband and two kids could care less. The girls ran around and played and we all had a great time.  I survived, the bathroom which I will post a picture of didn't completely offend them.

 Up next: our first house guest! 


Amy R. said...

We had an AMAZING time at dinner that night and loved being with you. And Jeff cannot stop raving about your cooking. After dinner at your mom's last night he said "Everyone in that family can cook!" And your home is beautiful! Jeff & I felt right at home.


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