Friday, July 15, 2011

Honey, I think that tree has to come down.

 Texas had been fighting me on cutting down a very unfortunately placed tree.  A few weeks ago he did it.  So here's the garden just before cutting it down:

And here it is now:
 Yes, the garden was starving for sunshine.  It has triple in size and is now breaking out it's brick boarder and giving the wild violets a run for their money.
Harold is checking out my violet killing system. I set them in the wheelbarrow and leave them to bake in the sun for a few days before composting.  Otherwise I would have a compost bin full a violets.  They are wicked hard to get rid of.  Aside from pulling each one out by hand you have to resort to chemicals (and you know I won't do that).  If anyone knows an easier way, please let me know.



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