Sunday, July 24, 2011

the overboard mama and a big thank you

 The cake was probably the only thing I had enough of for this party.  Some how in my head I figured if I went to Costco and bought big things we would just magically have enough.  The numbers would work out, and everything would be great.  Well I was way off.  We had 25 kids and 24 adults.   It was mass insanity.  I didn't think of how on earth one gets 25 kid to sit down and eat.  I was lucky that all my friends pitched in and helped me get the food served.  Not to mention our friend Tim ran to the grocery store for more hot dogs for us.

 The cake was a hit.
 We even got some decorations up before people got there.
 But then mom forgot the pinata.  After feeding all those people and finally getting the cake served I assumed we were done. Completely blocking out the 6 hours I spent the previous night gluing wads of streamer paper to cardboard.
 All the kids got to give it a few hits.
 But finally when every one had a few turns, we realized it wasn't going to open.   Thankfully one of the dads had the foresight to just tear it open and dump out the candy.
The kids went wild over organic fruit snacks and plastic toy jewelry.  And mom learned a lesson, don't use packaging tape to make a pinata.  That stuff really is strong.
 The kids all had a great time. There were a few times I thought people were going to grab there kids and run for safety.  But I'm super thankful to everyone who came.  It was exciting to see my little baby turn five and celebrate it with all the people who helped us over the last five years get to this point.    We couldn't have gotten to where we are now without all the love and support of so many wonderful friends and family.  THANK YOU.



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