Friday, July 22, 2011

123 Pinata!

 Annie's birthday party is this Saturday.  Her one request? A pinata.  When out shopping I check out the prices.  $15-20 a piece?!?!?!?!   That's was way to ridiculous for cardboard and paper.  Solution: make one at home.  For just under $5 I got what we needed and headed home. Oddly the glue was the most expensive part, it ate up $3.47 of my budget.

 We picked the easiest shape I could think of.
 Using a cardboard box I found in the basement.
 And recruiting the help of my friend Heather who is staying with us for a two whole days!
 We made the fabulous pinata you see here.

It was actually really fun and I can't wait till her next birthday to do it again.  Only I might insist on different colors.  The pink and blue make me think it's for a baby shower instead of a birthday party.

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