Monday, February 14, 2011


I don't know where this weather is coming from, but I hope it never leaves.  Yesterday we all went on a super long walk in hopes of getting little Elsie out.  It didn't work.  We did have a great time walking through our new neighborhood though.  We walked to a local restaurant for lunch, and Annie rode her bike the whole way there. 

Today we are cleaning out the kitchen, if you can call it that.  The only kitchen like quality it has is the sink and my toaster oven, otherwise it's just a messy room.  On Thursday we're getting an oven from a friend who is replacing theirs with a new one.  I'm so excited.  I know this might sound strange, but I need to know I can boil water when I need to. Texas found a fridge at Home Depot for $250.  It's small, but for $250 we'll have a makeshift kitchen to get through the next few months till Texas has time to start the renovation.

Don't be fooled by the cabinets.  You can't actually put anything in them at the moment because they are hanging on by a thread.  Whoever installed them didn't have a clue what they were doing.
 The plywood is screwed in the keep people from falling into the basement, and yes they used various types of stick on linoleum for the flooring.  The best part is, instead of cutting the pieces to fit, they just overlapped them.


Amy R said...

I LOVE Annie's room! Her bed fits there perfectly.

And thank you, thank you, thank you for lending me your car - the Honda place called yesterday and it will be a few more days. :)


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