Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 56

So being home with baby all day is really weird.  I miss getting out, but I don't miss all the running around.  I love the time I am getting to spend with Elsie.   I'm sure I'll be getting cabin fever soon, but for now I'm going to try and enjoy my little break from the world.

Annie has really taken to being a big sister.  She takes the job very seriously.  She tells us Elsie loves her the most and that she loves Elsie the most.  They are so sweet together, that with all these hormones I am prone to crying when Annie holds her little sister.  Prompting Annie to wonder, "whats wrong with mommy?"  I tell her mommy is just having happy tears, it works for now.  She shrugs and goes right back to giving her full attention to her, "Little One," (Annie's nick name for her sister).

Today we made our first attempt to bake in the kitchen.  We stuck with something simple, oatmeal raisin cookies.  It only took about 5 trips to the basement to sift through the various boxes of kitchen gear and 2 trips upstairs to find the flour and baking soda.  And since I can't really do stairs, Texas got a good work out.  Even with all that, we couldn't find a few things.  Unpacking is going to take a long time. 

Texas has already tired of us having our bedroom in the dining room, so he plans on getting back to work on the house this weekend.  We'll see if he can actually get any work done.  When he's home, he has a hard time putting Elsie down.


Amy R said...

If Texas needs any help this weekend, tell him to call Jeff! I want to come and visit SOOO bad, but JJ was sick with strep. Maybe in a few days when it will be a full week of antibiotics in her system.


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