Monday, February 21, 2011

Home birth renovation reality (day 49)

So... If you haven't heard we had Elsie at home.  Not quite what we planned.  I was actually home alone when I realized she was planning on coming out.  I called Texas to come home as fast as possible and the Doula, Julie (who is the most amazing woman).  By the time Texas got here with Annie in tow, I was in labor.   I told him to get Annie out of the house (I'd rather be alone than traumatize my daughter) and thankfully the Doula showed up just then.   So Texas goes on a walk around the block with Annie and by the time he came back Little Elsie was born.
We had planned on being in the hospital, having a baby in a clean hospital bed with clean hospital sheets, that aren't covered in dog hair and don't have to be washed by my husband.   No such luck.   Our luck did come in when Julie showed up in the nick of time, knew exactly what to do and was able to keep mamma (and baby) calm and safe.  I am so grateful to Julie.  She's now delivered both of my girls, and as I've said before I would NEVER attempt child birth without a doula, EVER.  Even if you want to use drugs, go for it, but don't go it without a doula.   I can't attest for other Doulas, but Julie is amazing.
The whole process probably took about 20-30 minutes, and created about 18 loads of laundry (sorry Texas).

Texas cutting the umbilical cord.
Annie holding her baby sister just hours after she was born.  I was glad she wasn't there for the actual delivery.  When she showed, about 5 minutes after she wanted to see everything.  This kid is not fazed by anything.
I think they like each other.

So the home delivery actually went OK.  Especially when you considered it wasn't planned, we are mid renovation, and we had less than 30 minutes to prepare.  It has been so amazing to be home with my family where I feel safest and most comfortable.  And having Annie close by has really been a blessing.  She wouldn't be able to spend nearly as much time with her new sister if I were in a hospital.



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