Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 37 Moving day?

So today was supposed to be moving day, obviously that didn't happen.  Thanks to the ice storm, that didn't really produce as much damage as promised, we were still set back a lot.   Thankfully all the people who had generously volunteered to help us out last Tuesday (canceled due to ice storm), were able to make it today!   Even with 4+ inches of snow and the surprisingly slow response of the street plowers, they showed up ready to work.  So no, we didn't move, but we did get a lot done.  The living and dining rooms are now painted and Annie has a purple bedroom. 

 The living room
Notice the paper Texas had me tape to the new floors.   I almost want to leave it down as long as we can, it took me over 4 hours of crawling on the floor to tape it all down.
 Dining room
 Behr calls it, Extra virgin olive oil, Texas calls it mustard, but I love it.
 Annie's room
It's hard to tell in the photos, but the room is a very light purple.
 Our room

So our room still has a long way to go, but thanks to all the help we had today, the chimney is dry-walled and the walls are mudded and ready to be sanded and painted.   I can't believe how much got done and am so thankful to all our helpers.  At this point I just want to call it done and move in.   I'm pretty sure we could live without a kitchen for a while.


Anonymous said...

love your paint colors maddie..
it just looks beautiful! what an amazing transformation.. can't wait to come out and see in person..
lots of love from north carolina!


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