Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 43 We're in!

So it took us 43 days to move in, and I'm so glad we're here.  We don't have a kitchen yet (or a bedroom), but we do have the best doughnuts less than 10 minutes away and a slew of restaurants just up the street, so this pregnant mommy is happy.  Now we just need little Elsie to come out!  We were thinking it was going to happen yesterday, but after a full day of contractions it seems she wore herself out and is now less than interested in coming out.  Normally I wouldn't mind, but the doctor thinks she's already at 8 pounds.  Annie was 8.2 after being two weeks late.  If this kid stays in there much longer she'll get too big.   This is what I get for praying she doesn't come before we're moved in.  Now she's decided to just stay in there.  Maybe it's the doughnuts, they are really good.

 Annie's room is pretty much done.  We're still looking for a light fixture, but for now we're using what we have.
 I'm not posting any photos of what our dining room looks like now, because it's currently functioning as our bedroom and it's a mess.
 Annie helping Texas organize his tool kits, in full princess attire.



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