Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ready set GO!

We are without internet at ether house right now, but since we are now staying at my mothers I am sneaking in one last post.  We are in high speed go mode right now.  It's looking like baby sissy, is getting ready to make her debut.   I've had a few major contractions but with lots of prayer they have stopped (We just need one more day if we can get it).   We are officially packed up out of our house, just waiting on the movers to get the furniture moved.  Staying at my parents in the mean time.  It's a little nuts not knowing when the baby's coming, when we'll be in our house, and how long we'll be staying at my moms.   And on top of all that, the painting isn't done, we have no kitchen, and I think Texas is likely to pass out in the delivery room (he literally stops breathing when I have a contraction).  The good news:  Life has not been the least bit boring since I met Texas and I couldn't be happier.   I'm not falling to the floor in pieces or panicking about any of this chaos (which is so old me).  God is being incredibly gracious to me because there is no way I wouldn't be a mess right now if it weren't for him and Texas holding my hand.  And baby sissy is on her way!


Anonymous said...

can't wait for baby sissy! lots of love and prayers from north carolina!!

Amy R said...

And I am here to help you with whatever I can! I can't wait to meet Baby Sissy! Seriously, we are around all weekend - please call me!


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