Monday, November 2, 2009

Garden vs. Annie, (Annie won)

This morning Annie and I got up super early to plant bulbs in the yard. It ended up being me alone planting the bulbs while Annie went and played in the chicken run. She tried to get me in there with her but I was determined to get something done today. She finally resorted to every two seconds she yelling, "which one is Lightening McQueen?," and insisting I tell the names of each chicken repeatedly. It was getting a little ridiculous, so I just started yelling out names at random. She caught me when I told her Puff was Lightening McQueen. This created tears and "bad Mommy" looks from Annie. I wasn't giving her my full attention. She stomped out of the run growling.
Lately, Annie has been in her high maintenance mode, so if I'm not right next her she insists on keeping a constant dialog going and telling me to "look at this mama." It's her way of keeping me from getting anything done. I used to think she was starving for attention, but this kid gets a lot of attention. At this very second, Banjo is sitting behind me in the chair and Annie is climbing on my back with her arms wrapped a little to tightly around my neck. Did I mention this is a very small chair and I am feeling a little smothered? The worst part is that I've yet to find a cure for this particular ailment. If I give her to much attention she starts these elaborate games which always end in me pinned on the floor and the pile of dishes sitting in the sink untouched. If I ignore her she starts to do that annoying fake cry that all kids do. You know the one. Where they scrunch up their faces and whimper then they throw themselves across your lap in mock desperation. It's a classic. If your kid hasn't started just wait. They all do it. Annie tried this very move on me outside only it was muddy and the grass was slippery so when she overshot her landing a little and ended up in the mud of course it was my fault. Which led to real tears and a very muddy child. She's clean now, but I think I might have to plant the rest of the bulbs by flash light when Annie is sleeping. I can't wait for the neighbors to see me outside in the dark planting. They don't think I'm weird enough as it is.



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