Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lunch with the girls

On Monday, Annie and I had guests over for lunch. We invited Ruby, Gigi, Harriet and Carol. It was by far the best lunch I've had with Harriet. Ruby was smitten with Harriet, and Harriet was definitely smitten with her. They played the piano and sang songs. Before guests arrived Ruby and Annie made play-do creations for hours, moved on to crayons for minutes and then back to play-do. It was great. I was able to make lunch with out Annie crying about being bored and Gigi helped me decorate a little for Christmas.
Banjo hid under my chair for lunch. does that mean I'm the messy eater who drops crumbs everywhere? I really thought it would be one of the girls. Guess not.
Annie took this picture of me and then said, "Look mommy you are a giant, see how big you are?" For the record it's not fun when your daughter tells you your giant. I guess I need a few more Hot Yoga classes.



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