Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I went back. I kind of had to. My legs were feeling like I would never be able to straighten them out again they were so sore. I am actually glad I went back though. I did much better the second time, stuck it out through the whole class, and got to take hot Yoga with Tom, Debbie and Meagan Holley. I don't see my entire family showing up for hot Yoga, but it was pretty funny to see half the Holley clan in there sweating it out. Going during the day is much better than going in the evening. The class is smaller, there are less men to see you sweating and although the women are still skinny (and yes, I'm still hoping for some sort of osmosis in that regard) it's not as bad when your not sandwiched two feet apart from them.

And not that my description is very enticing, if you do go, tell them I sent you. I'll get a free class and be able to take more classes!


rachel @ perfectly imperfect said...

ummm, right. i just read your last post and this one solidifies it. i will not be taking my post 2 c-sections belly flap into the hot yoga class. ever.
there should be an eskimo yoga class... i'd be good there. i took a runner's yoga class about 5 years ago- that was great. no one could even touch their toes. : )


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