Thursday, November 19, 2009

Incubation time!

It all started with the Egg

Whats a girl to do with a Thursday night off and nothing to do? Build an egg incubator of course! With Annie at my mothers for an impromptu sleep over, I found myself home alone for the first time in a long time. I really wanted Annie to stay with me, but she was captivated by the idea of an overnight with Sadie and Ruby at her Gigi's. I think they had planned and plotted against me from the beginning. But that's ok, I managed to keep myself busy.
When I got home I went to collect the eggs and there was another Turkey egg. In perfect condition. I could not let it go to waste, so I looked up simple incubator designs online (thank you UTube), and went shopping. $24 later and here it is.

Looking in from the top. I made a glass window for little noses to watch the action if the egg actually hatches.

This is the Thermometer/ Hygrometer, and where I wired the light bulb. Yes, Charlie I wired it myself. The egg won't go inside until I get the temperate and humidity under control. Hopefully Jane will lay a few more eggs before I have to start incubating this one.



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