Wednesday, February 1, 2012

When mom tries to fix things

Texas and I have this table from my mom, that I love and he thinks is junk.  The rustic look is not his style.  The fact that the table came with three matching legs and one scrap piece of lumber making up the forth might be another reason to think it's junk.  Still I LOVE this table.  So when the leg started to give way and pull apart the table, I couldn't let it go.   What Texas saw as his opportunity to replace my table I saw as a chance to show off my wood working skills.  Armed with nothing but a hammer, a few cheap nails and Tex's hysterical laughing I got to work. I did get the table fixed, but I ended up using a few pieces of Annie's Jenga set to do it.   I am obviously not the handy one in the family, but I am resourceful and capable.  Plus I still have my table, which Elsie keeps trying to flip over to play on.



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