Friday, February 10, 2012

Project #2

 This is how I make it through winter without getting depressed or loosing my mind.  I start planting seeds, and planning what will go where in the spring. This is my favorite part of winter.  Christmas and Thanksgiving are great, but they can't hold a candle to planting and planning the garden.  Especially since this will be our first real planting since moving here.  Last year was a disaster of moving, having a baby, transplanting from the old house and then weeding, digging and laying out the garden.  Grunt work aside, this year will be awesome!

 We've already had our first signs of life emerge from the soil.  Annie and I check almost hourly anticipating the first signs of a sprout.  The soil pushing up from the pressure of the sprout.  To us it is insanely exciting (we really don't get out much).
Our modified cold frames are set up and ready for the cold hardy plants we have sprouting in the basement.   Right now they have kale, parsley, Swiss chard, and spinach going.  Unfortunately Winter decided to hit and temps. are dropping down to 14 degrees tonight.  Hopefully the plants already going will not suffer too much.


Jen said...

What sort of design is your cold frame? Charlie made us one but the plants don't do so well. I think it gets too hot in the sun!

Maddie said...

It's wire and plastic. No design. The other one is old tent poles stuck in the ground. I'm more of a salvage/scrap constructor. Designs require money for materials I don't have. These were FREE!


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