Friday, February 24, 2012

The kitchen Window

 When we first moved into our house, the kitchen was falling in on itself.   The cabinets were hanging on by a thread.  The floor was a patched mess of stick on tile.  We had two mini fridges and no stove, but it was moderately functional, there were four wall's and a ceiling after all.  The only real thing that made it a kitchen was that it had a sink and a small amount of counter top.  Strangely the first thing I wanted to do was put a windowsill in the window.  It drove me crazy that there was nothing there.  My husband did not agree and I recall a rather intense fight over putting in a small piece of wood.  Well a year later and we still didn't have a windowsill, and yes it was still driving me crazy. 
So I tricked my husband.  He was outside with the saw yesterday and I randomly asked if he could cut me a piece of plywood.  Being on auto pilot with the saw he did it!  He didn't even ask me what it was for, until after he agreed to cut it.   Now sanded down and painted I have a windowsill!
Not a big deal to most, but now every time I walk into the kitchen it's the first thing I see.

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