Monday, February 27, 2012

The baby who never sleeps

We have learned that Elsie is the baby who never sleeps.  At 1 she naps maybe two times a week, and at night she prefers to be up until 11.  This is NOT good.  Not only are we not getting any down time without kids, but she is not getting the sleep her body needs.  This little girl just can't turn off.  Everything is too exciting and too fun.

The girls at story time, notice Annie laying down at least trying to get ready for sleep, while her crazy sister climbs around in her bed.  So out of desperation we are trying a new napping schedule/bedtime routine.  I hold her in bed until she falls asleep.  I'm not pinning her, but I am hugging to the point that she can't get away.  She screamed for about 5 minutes today then passed out.  I know this isn't sustainable, but the crying it out method doesn't work with her.  She'll just keep screaming, and my husband and I can't take it.


Anonymous said...

You have to admit shes pretty darn cute even if she doesn't sleep.And Annie seems pretty content. love you all GiGi


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