Thursday, November 10, 2011

Monster baby

 As Elsie gets closer and closer to walking I have become more and more fearful.  I don't want a walking baby.  I want a lazy lumpy baby who just sits.  Who is content to stare at the wall and play with her toes.  For some strange reason my babies don't do that.  They roll over on their first day of life, crawl before I've even had a chance to feel adjusted and then walk right when I'm starting to think I can handle this whole mom thing.
 Elsie is going everywhere.  Cruising along the kitchen, crawling through the dust bunnies (eating a few on the way), standing on her own in the living room.

 Her and Annie have become a daring duo of trouble already.  They set up obstacles for an overtired, oblivious mom to stumble into.
The only time I'm not worried about what she's getting into is when she's tucked in her swing.  So why won't my loving husband understand my desperate cry for a swing inside the house?  He simply says no and walks off to do something on his own, with no babies attacking him or conspiring with tricky 5 year olds to set a daddy trap.   My new plan is to leave him with the children more often.  Alone, two against one, lets see how he does...
(please note, if he does fine and has no problem I will most likely cry for days on end at the unfairness of life.) 


Little Maddy said...

Elsie is starting to look just like Texas!


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