Wednesday, November 30, 2011


 Yes It's the day after Thanksgiving and Annie is outside in a T-shirt.  We are having some seriously unseasonal weather, but at least we're taking advantage of it.  Annie spent the day singing and swinging on her play set, while Texas and I decorated the outside of the house for Christmas.
 Annie's angel is not in our outdoor decor, but Annie wanted to bring her outside to see the lights.
 Have I told you I love my insanely talented Husband?  I love that her spent his day off work Hanging lights on the gutters and rigging all our outside decorations to turn on with the flip of a single switch!  
 Elsie hung out on the porch in her high chair eating various toys.
My mom even came over and blessed us with her insane creativity.  I can't wait to show you all pictures of what she;s done inside.  But that will have to wait.  I'm tired and have to work early in the morning.  Goodnight.



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