Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bad Banjo Soap Dog

Banjo, has obviously been feeling left out lately from the blog, so last night he did something so terrible, so insane, I can't not blog about it.  Texas and I came home with the girls from dinner to find Banjo huddled by the back door, looking guilty, and somewhat ill.  I let him out, turn around and see all my soap gone!  the piece of paper I set the soap on laying on the floor, empty and torn.  The amount of anger that went through me was intense.  No wonder he wanted outside before I noticed.  I made him stay outside the rest of the night, to freeze his bad little butt off.  Plus, I imagine him being rather ill after eating a pound of lye soap.  Come bedtime, I'm climbing into bed and I there under my pillow is a bar of soap.  I check Annie's bed, same thing, a bar of soap under her pillow.  Come to find out, he didn't eat the soap; he hid it all over the house.  Under couch cushions, bathmats, chairs, were my bars of soap.  So Annie and I had a soap hunt this morning and found all but 2 bars.  Banjo is still looking rather guilty this morning, but all I do is laugh when I see him.



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