Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Here we go...

 Why am I too busy to blog these last few weeks?  Well aside from the kids, one of which is turning into a monster (I'll be posting about her soon), working, trying to keep said kids in relatively clean clothing, and remembering to feed my family on a somewhat regular schedule I've been busy doing this:

 Expanding the garden for next season and attempting to right the terrible wrongs in garden order that I committed in a desperate attempt to get my plants in the ground four weeks after giving birth to Elsie.

 Harvesting whats left in the garden before it freezes.

 Jarring what we can, and freezing a lot.  I'm pretty sure we have enough frozen bell peppers to last us through two winters.

 Texas begged me for pickled jalapeno peppers this year, so as a thank you for the amazing chicken house sitting outside I made him 12 jars of Jalapenos and 3 larges jars of banana peppers.

 Pumpkins were carved and seeds were saved for next year.  I have been trying really hard to find a project for Annie to help her learn the value of work and earning her own.  This year she's been working with me to harvest all our seeds for next year.  In the spring she'll be selling her seeds to anyone who is interested and donating 1/2 the money to a charity.
Annie has really enjoyed here slimy new occupation.

 I have black walnuts everywhere.  They are a pain to clean, hard to open and very messy, yet I keep getting more and more.  I am addicted and in love with these very messy nuts.  The best part, they are a FREE yummy source of protein and Omega-3 for my family.

And then there is the soap.  I have no pictures of this messy endeavor, but I'm making soap in order to save more money at home.  We switched to me making our  own laundry soap about 7 months ago and after saving on average $15 a month on laundry detergent, I'm taking things a step further.  Thankfully my friend Anne was nice enough to talk me down from my fear of Lye (it's seriously scary stuff), and our soap is slowly curing in the kitchen cabinet.  

And of course there is the house, it's like trying to tame a wild beast.   Toys, clothes, dishes, books, you'd think 12 people lived in our tiny little house, but no it's just the four of us.  We're just all really committed to making it look lived in.



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