Thursday, November 10, 2011

apalogies to the girls

 First off, I'm so sorry our chickens had to cram into this shack of a coop.  I made it from scraps and never thought it would become thier actual home for 10 months. I feel embarrassed to have the chickens go from this shack to the coop Texas built them.  I have been put to shame by Texas and his idea of a comfortable coop.
 So the coop is built onto the modified boat trailer we picked up from craigslist.  In all honestly it will probably only move a few feet before the axle breaks and gets stuck, but it started out as a great idea.

 The storage bin might be the most ingenious part.  No more going into the garage for feed or 
chicken related stuff.

 Yes this deluxe coop is complete with custom ladder and 4 nesting boxes.  What Hen wouldn't swoon for these luxury accommodations?

The front porch has a lovely view of the vegetable garden
and will soon have a custom ramp installed.

 And since Texas built it, he got to pick the color.  I will miss my soft green, but who doesn't love a barn red coop?

Where's Elsie been these last few weeks while we've been working our butts off? No we did not sell her to the gypsies.   Texas put up a swing off the back shed, and she's spent her days swinging 
amongst the chaos.



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