Friday, May 31, 2013


During my absence Elsie had a birthday.  She is TWO!  and a really wild two at that. 
 We celebrated with banana cupcakes, because at the time all Elsie wanted to eat was banana.   She has thankfully ended her banana phase and is now eating eggs faster than our chickens can lay them.
It seems the second she blew out those candles something in her clicked.  She is no longer a baby.  Declaring to her dad, "I smart," she no longer takes no for an answer.  Still my happy little dancer, she is now needing more challenge and stimulation.  Translate that and you come to the conclusion, she is way smarter than me.  I am no match for this kid and find myself constantly struggling to keep her involved in some task.  The alternative is destruction.  This child has an incredible knack for annihilation  (see previous post on soup, and that was only in a few minutes).  She wants to build and climb and be in everything.   She has more force in her than any kid I've ever met.  She may always be a challenge, but she is the best challenge I could ask for.



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